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Levi Mendes Fine Art Photography

Levi is a black and white fine art photographer living in the unique country of Luxembourg.

Growing up in a family with a grandfather and mother that had photography as their main passion but never were able to make a living through their photography, Levi travels today the world to capture timeless images, strong in expression and dynamic.

Through photography he transmits the vision he has of this amazing world that we all live in but oftentimes forget to contemplate.

« For me, no photo can be judged before it is printed. Because it is the printing process, the choice of paper, frame, etc. that makes it possible to view a photo as art or not. »

Today his photos are sold to all over the world from South Korea, New Zealand to the smallest village in Northern Ireland. His photo series have gained recognition among vivid collectors which are ready to invest in his art of black and white photography.

"Don't wait for happiness; Grab it."

Levi Mendes