Tell a Story in Wildlife Photography

The choice of a lens gets often forgotten in when it comes to wildlife photography. I find it interesting and important bringing to fine art wildlife and nature photography different perspectives to what we are used to see. Wide angle lenses play a big role in my photography in order to tell a story and show animals in their natural habitat.

Fine Art Wildlife "Left Behind Gnus" Photography

Fine Art Wildlife "Left Behind Gnus" Photography

One example is my « Left behind Gnus » capture. Older wildebeests sometimes get rejected from their groups during mating season. The fights between concurrent males are rude and often mean for the losing wildebeest the duty to leave their group forever. During that very tough solitary period male wildebeests that each left their respective group, gather together in order to create their own small groups. By doing so they increase their chances not to get attacked by other predators.

During my 4 day trekking through Maasai land in Tanzania I encountered this small group of 8 Male Wildebeests walking past us in near distance. In order to tell their story, I used my 35mm prime lens. I photographed them in portrait mode in order to include the beautiful sky that I had that morning.

I love the end result of this capture. A completely black sky; very contrasty thick white clouds and the beautiful mountains behind these exceptional animals.

Left Behind Gnus a Limited Edition of only 20 prints and available here on Arfinder.