Follow me through the coast of Portugal

I wished for my new photographic series to visit the coast of Portugal. As a Portuguese I always dreamed of doing it and didn’t think that I would be able to do it so quickly.

The journey started in Albufeira which is known to be a very touristic place. I searched for a very small and unknown beach that offers some of the most peaceful views of Portugal. My Landscape is mostly taken very early before sunrise.

Peaceful Morning

From there I visited Sagres, known for raw wind and rocky beaches. I particularly loved this place because of the rawness that the Atlantic brings to Sagres. The wind reminds you that nature rules here.

Sagres Lighthouse

From Sagres the road took me through the beautiful national park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast, which for me is the most beautiful place of Portugal. You’ll find different very wild beaches without a lot of people and breathtaking landscapes.

Another worthy mentioning place to visit next was the region of Comporta with beaches that remind you of being in California with the beautiful white sand and clear blue water. You don’t need anything else than a beautiful sunset to feel alive.


The next big stop was of course Nazare. The place where men and women try to fight the sheer force of nature every winter. With waves often reaching 20 Meters only the bravest dare to ride them. 

Buarcos, the place where I spent my hole holidays as a child. My grandparents live there whichs means that I carry a very special feeling for this place. My grandfather was fisherman. A very difficult job that asked for much sacrifices.

I wanted to capture in that specific place images with boats in it to remind me of my family and the link I have with Portugal. I couldn’t be happier with the images iI brought from there.

I loved every single minute from this trip and will certainly go back to discover it even more.

Visit Portugal; you won’t regret it.