New York the City of Dreams

Finally in New York City

A little boys dream finally came true. In December 2017 I had the chance thanks to my amazing girlfriend, to visit the city of unlimited possibilities. I am of course talking about New York City. For a person that loves nature, this was quite a difference to say the least.

New York Night Panorama.jpg

New York gave me 2 answers:

  1.  New York is an amazing City. It was way better then I could have ever imagined. The people were welcoming (mostly), adding to that great food and unbelievable views, you have the perfect recipe for a great holiday. The different neighborhoods offer so much variety in all aspects. I almost have to admit that my favorite part wasn't Manhattan but rather Brooklyn. Loved the excellent panorama that you have over Manhattan and it's calmer all around.
  2.  I could never live in New York. It's simply to much people for my taste. I love people, but it is very important for to have a possibility to quickly being able to be in nature and not hear a noise for me to switch off. 
New York City Panorama.jpg

Fine Art Photography in New York City

Photography wise; you really can't ask for much more. Even though it's not my specialty to photograph architecture and city views, New York simply delivers when it comes to perfect photo spots. We had one of the worst snow storms I was ever in, but on the other hand that storm offered me an image that I will never forget. I am really proud of this unique black and white photo. Every time I see people running inside because of the bad weather, I know that I need to be outside. These conditions allow me to capture the most unique fine art photos. This print will be limited and named "Vanishing Flatiron Building".

Vanishing Flatiron Building.jpg

New York is truly a city where every dream seems possible if you are ready to fight for it. This city makes you thoughtful during the 9/11 memorial visit; laugh when attending a Broadway spectacle and grateful when on top of the Empire State building. It certainly wasn't the last time I will be visiting this amazing city. I already have new ideas for my next fine art black and white photography journey.

Thank you

Levi Mendes