Lauren Baheux

The reason i created this webpage

It is my first "Blog post" although i really dont like the name and expression. I see this page more as an opportunity for me to share with you how i feel about photography and what passionates me about it.

Photography came to me in the most unexpected way i could imagine. A simple booking for vacation and a wish to take the best photos possible during that trip pushed me to follow and learn with the best photographers that today are my inspiration.

Photographers as Nick Brandt, Laurent Baheux, Ted Forbes or Andy Biggs help me in the quest to express what i love through photography.

I love to think that this was a hidden passion that i always had and never discovered considering that my grandpa and mother always loved Photography... Who knows... ?

This webpage really was created, so that i have the possibility to share with you my creations and work.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Greetings from Luxembourg