The Elephant Family

Looking back, I can confidently state that this capture of the elephants changed the way I see wildlife and the importance of being not only a fine art photographer but also to invest myself through donations and activism in order to protect these beautiful creatures.

We were leaving the Serengeti National Park after a day full of great encounters with various animals, when suddenly we saw in the distance this family of elephants crossing the beautiful planes of the savannah. 

Limited Edition Elephant Family Print

Limited Edition Elephant Family Print

We knew that we wouldn't get often the chance to photograph them in the Serengeti for the remaining time. We stopped at a place where I could focus on taking the capture. 

I am so happy that it was a cloudy day. They bring an excellent contrast to the grey planes. In my opinion Elephants look perfect in black and white photography but the clouds really bring the final touch that makes it a good capture.

If you pay attention to the picture maybe you'll notice that we were standing higher than the elephants and this has a reason. If I would have being standing on eye level with the elephants, you would have the hills behind them cutting their bodies, which would have destroyed the picture.

I am very happy with the overall look of the Elephants Family and I am proud to have it in my Across Tanzania Series available for collectors.